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The graphics did not change significantly. However, there are some nuances that have been optimized and that especially the Fifa gamers who want to have it as realistically as possible. The fans are customized. New chants, individualized faces and interaction in goal celebrations with the fans provides more variety in the stadiums. Personally, I also think that the colors of the game have become a little paler and Fifa does not seem so "comic-like" anymore. In addition, the players get a personalized behavior. Cristiano Ronaldo is modeled down to the smallest movement on the pitch and be got using Free FIFA 18 Coins. That has EA great deal. Other players such as Hazard, Griezmann, or Messi recognize more individual behavior. EA is using the so-called "Real Player Motion Technology" at Fifa 18 for the first time. That makes for a welcome change. 

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Alex Hunter returns

Last year Fifa had finally introduced a story mode coin master android hack tool. As a virtual character Alex Hunter fought at Fifa 17 as a young exceptional talent in the Premier League. The story ended there after a season. In Fifa 18, "The Journey" returns. And with the story also more options. New are a small integrated Fifa Street mode, new superstars that Hunter meets and the ability to change the look of Hunter. The story is divided into seven chapters, each chapter has its own goal. How it goes with Alex Hunter on his journey to world footballer, but you have to find out for yourself. 

A likewise very popular feature, which benefits the friends of the career mode, has inserted EA. In Career mode, as a manager, you can now actively influence and visually track your transfers using FIFA 18 Coin generator Xbox one. You sit down as a manager with your favorite player in the office and discuss contract details, such as salary, team role or contract duration. You can influence it from different negotiation strategies. But first you have to convince the manager of the other club with a good offer. If the deal is perfect, the player of choice will be presented at a press conference. This update is also very successful and brings more challenge, variability and reality in the football simulation.